You are not your code!

Rhuan Silva
Former Tech. Lead at XNV

The title is obvious, but here’s the point I want to attack: many developers are triggered when it comes to a simple code review or perhaps some improvement or change to their code. Here are some of the reasons: fear of being seen as weak, or as a developer with few skills, or being used as the target of criticism and jokes on the team. This can cause anxiety and stress on the team, it can also cause the loss of a teammate who really feels bad about not being recognized for their work.

This post is intended to talk about this problem and provide two viewpoints for this issue, the employer (or leader, or manager) viewpoint and the employee viewpoint. In order to provide a polite conversation around the subject we’re going to drive through the following topics:

  • What are the causes that lead to the lack of self-confidence?
    – For employers
    – For employees
  • Seniority
  • Text/Voice bias
  • Hierarchy
  • Feedback
  • Team conversation
  • Culture (this topic is huge, I’m not gonna talk all my thoughts here because I intend to create another post for that)


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