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Sem categoria 28/07/21

What is a Startup Studio?

Spoiler: it is NOT an Incubator or Accelerator I have probably interviewed a few hundred professionals in my career as an Entrepreneur. After breaking the ice, one of the first things I do is ask ...

Adriano Marques

Exponential 05/07/21

Power up your LinkedIn Game

When looking for a new opportunity in the tech field, it’s no secret that until now, one of the places to go is LinkedIn. But did you really know how to use it? No worries. We are here to help ...

Rodolfo Egarter
COO @ Pluo

Amalgam Sem categoria 17/09/20

My journey so far

My journey at Exponential Ventures started mid-2019 when I flew 7000 km to Exponential Venture’s headquarters in Chicago. During my first day of work at the HQ, I met the team members, saw ...


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