We are primarily a Startup Studio focused on building disruptive businesses using Exponential Technologies. This makes us a special kind of Venture Capital Fund: one with hands-on experience and capable of not only helping to run a startup but who has resources to boost them and the expertise to direct and vet ideas and their feasibility.

Sector and stage agnostic

Regardless of industry or investment stage, XNV continually looks for the best investment opportunities among the new breed of Exponential Technology-driven startups. This strategy allows us to maximize ROI, reduce risks, and promote a more significant impact through our investment decisions.

We invest our own capital

XNV has been operating for years with its own capital, and we continue to invest our own capital to keep expanding our investment opportunities. We put our money where our mouth is. This goes to show how committed we are to both our Studio and Venture Capital Fund.

Investment focus

Every investment is thoughtfully made to produce the most positive impact on humankind while yielding the most investment return through Exponential Technologies. We’re constantly looking for practical applications of these technologies that have a real chance of disrupting industries in the next few years.


XNV has gathered a lot of expertise over the years in various types of Exponential Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Additive Manufacturing, and Nanotechnology. This means that not only do we have hands-on experience with these technologies, but we are also capable of better evaluating their feasibility and potential Return Of Investment.


We invest in the future and in truly exponential technologies, businesses that have the capacity to change people’s lives, that meet real needs and have a significant impact on the world. And essentially it’s these ideas that drive the big ideas, which have become the biggest businesses in the world. From your personal computer, to your virtual assistant. All had at their base the ability and vision to use technology to change and transform the world.

Special Investment Opportunities

Getting a return while investing in Startups using Exponential Technologies depends on placing your bets on actually feasible ideas. At XNV, not only we’re experts in assessing the application of technological concepts in the market, we’re entrepreneurs and engineers with hands-on experience, building new companies and testing markets every day. By investing with us, you’re banking on this expertise to reduce your risk and be an investor in future legendary companies.