Startup Studio

THE Studio

Practically speaking, a startup studio is a laboratory for developing ideas with possibilities to become big businesses. Unlike accelerators and incubators, startup studio offers end-to-end resources to get the project off the ground.


Change Labor to Workforce

XNV offers a multidisciplinary team to develop your project in the best way possible. We have professionals in product design, software engineering, artificial intelligence, marketing, sales, finance, business strategy, and other areas depending on the project’s needs.

Change to Office Space

In addition to a dedicated team to work on your solution, we offer an office space where you can work, hold meetings, network, meet other startups, use our hack lab, and enjoy a modern-day office’s perks.


Our business and marketing strategy teams are always looking into the best ways to monetize and expand your project. You’ll have a consulting partner with a lot of market experience to help you make big decisions and thus become a successful startup.




Incubators provide entrepreneurs with access to shared co-working space, small bootstrap investments, light mentorship, and access to resources to help them grow their ideas into validated business ideas. Some incubators are non-profit organizations kept and run by private and public entities to help local entrepreneurs get past their initial steps.


Startup Accelerators are a viable alternative for entrepreneurs that are ahead in the game and ready to commit to the startup full time and looking for a boost. The relationship is intense but short-lived: once you go through the program and get an additional investment, you’re on your own while the accelerator retains its equity for the long run.


The Startup Studio model is supported by a team with a hands-on approach to launching companies instead of just advising. Most companies offer minimal resources and dedicating little effort into the development of a business like an Incubator do or having an intense and quick affair with lasting financial consequences like an Accelerator.

Venture Capital Fund

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On top of being a Startup Studio, XNV is also a Venture Capital Fund. And we're not alone. We're currently working on partnerships with several other funds to invest inside and outside our Studio.

Smart money

On top of receiving financial support to run your business, XNV offers the infrastructure, workforce, office space, mentorship, and experience to virtually guarantee that your business will be successful. XNV has a dedicated hack lab and an on-premise AI-optimized cluster to give all of our startups an AI advantage that no other Studio or VC fund can offer. If you’re really looking to leverage Exponential Technologies to disrupt an industry, XNV is the place to build that idea.


Our Hack Lab is a hackerspace on steroids. This Lab was purpose-built to give our startups easy access to tools and resources to build prototypes, electronics, and robots, conduct scientific tests and simulations, or prove a concept. It currently counts several 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, supplies, and other tools you may need.


One of our many unfair advantages is that XNV owns and operates a dedicated Artificial Intelligence cluster used exclusively by our child companies to efficiently and securely train and develop AI-driven solutions without breaking the bank. No other incubator, accelerator, or VC Fund can offer this unfair advantage to entrepreneurs looking to disrupt industries through the use of AI.