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We treat all ideas with the utmost respect and confidentiality. As entrepreneurs, we know what it feels like to look for funding, and we strive always to give back to the entrepreneurs we meet.

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Having your idea accepted by a Startup Studio means that your business starts with an unfair advantage and a mature team ready to help you turn your idea into a great company.

We are a Startup Studio and a Venture Capital Fund

understand the difference between INCUBATOR, accelerator and Studio


Incubators provide entrepreneurs access to shared co-working space, small bootstrap investments, light mentorship, and access to resources to help them grow their ideas into validated business ideas. Some incubators are non-profit organizations kept and ran by private and public entities to help local entrepreneurs get past their initial steps.


Instead of offering meager resources and dedicating little effort into the development of a business like an Incubator do, or having an intense and quick affair with lasting financial consequences like an Accelerator, the Startup Studio model is supported by a team with a hands-on approach to launching companies instead of just giving advice for a living.


The Startup Accelerators are a viable alternative for entrepreneurs that are further ahead on the game but ready to commit to the startup full time and looking for a boost. The relationship is intense but short-lived: once you go through the program and get an additional investment, you’re on your own while the accelerator retains its equity for the long run.


XNV has gathered a lot of expertise over the years in various types of Exponential Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Additive Manufacturing, and Nanotechnology. This means that not only do we have hands-on experience with these technologies, but we are also capable of better evaluating their feasibility and potential Return Of Investment.

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