Build a better world by creating profitable and sustainable businesses that leverage Exponetial Technologies to solve humanity’s most significant issues.

Adriano Marques

“Our expertise in Exponential Technologies enables us to create solutions to problems that have always seemed impossible to solve. Those are precisely the kinds of issues that we’re currently working on. This is XNV.”


Back in 2014, after helping several startups recover from services outages, Adriano created a product called Fail Safer to help companies stay in control of infrastructure issues. That was Exponential Ventures’ first project. Soon after, Adriano co-founded another Startup Studio called Startup Foundry, where he had the opportunity to create and launch other startups before getting back to Exponential Ventures.

Launching startups is a thrilling but incredibly challenging experience. Despite the challenges, true entrepreneurs can’t get enough of it. It is unbearable to walk on the Earth while seeing problems and inefficiencies you know how to fix. Not only can you fix it but create an elegant, intelligent, and profitable solution that will forever make people forget this problem ever existed, to begin with. True entrepreneurs can’t contain that urge, and that is why launching one startup was never enough for us, no matter how successful it could be.


It is almost impossible to innovate with old tools. This is why we strive to continuously stay ahead of the curve in the field of technology. A day lost is a day in which you didn’t learn something new.

Everybody makes mistakes, but successful people are the ones that learn from them daily. That is why we’re firm believers that supporting our team through errors is just as important as celebrating successes.

In fact, we’re not afraid of failures. We’re only scared of facing ourselves in the future, knowing that we didn’t try hard enough. And try we will until we succeed. Or until we learn that we’ve been wrong all along. Although we all have false precepts, there is no use in committing them once they’re identified.


At XNV, we’re a daring team passionately working together to build a better world by creating technology-driven solutions in an agile, open, and stimulating environment in which everyone is encouraged to challenge the status quo constantly.

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We believe that we should all work with the feeling of lightness and happiness.

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We encourage our employees to play sports and take care of their health.


We love traveling, discovering new places, cultures and flavors.


At Exponential Ventures, we’re firm supporters and Open-Source technology users. Our founder, Adriano Marques, has once led an Open-Source Community and produced software still used today by millions worldwide.

We use Open Source not because it is primarily free of charge but because it is free to use, combine, and adapt. That is the nature of Exponential Technologies.

We’re just getting started with our contributions to the Open-Source Community. If you’re interested, check out our projects and send us a request with your improvements.

We’re always excited to learn from the community!

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