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Savings Club

Industry: Legal

Financing a vehicle in the United States hasn’t changed much in decades. Despite being relatively easy to acquire credit to purchase a car, low-interest rate credit is not available except for those who need it the least. Savings Club aims to bring innovative financing services to all looking for intelligent and economical auto financing alternatives in the United States.

Founder (s)
Adriano Marques


Investor (s)
XNV - Exponential Ventures

About us

We believe that vehicles are necessities, not luxury items and that owning a vehicle allows people to gain better access to jobs, health, and educational opportunities. Unfortunately, not all Americans have access to affordable and fair auto financing services. Savings Club is a Texas-based American business focused on bringing affordable auto financing solutions to all, despite their current credit standing or situation in life.


Inspired by the massive auto financing market in Brazil that uses the Savings Club methodology, also known as ROSCA (Rotating Savings and Credit Association), XNV decided to bring the system to the United States and adapt it to the American reality and help millions of Americans acquire vehicles with no interest rate and low cost of credit.


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