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Quality e-Discovery services can mean the difference between winning or losing a case. Despite the various alternatives available in the market, law firms struggle to coordinate efforts across a discovery process and ensure that vital information is found and adequately managed in a case.

Founder (s)
Adriano Marques

Investor (s)
XNV - Exponential Ventures

About us

QuicklyLegal aims at leveraging Artificial Intelligence to solve challenges in the legal industry. We believe that law represents one of the most important developments of humankind but that there is still much room for improvements in securing justice to the needy, and AI will help us make significant gains in this area.


Startup Foundry created QuicklyLegal in 2015 as a brainchild of Ross Kimbarovsky and Adriano Marques. Its original purpose was to provide Small and Medium-sized businesses with an affordable solution to generate and manage legal agreements using Artificial Intelligence instead of templates. The project was shut down in 2018 and is now coming back with a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to help attorney offices in their discovery processes.


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