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Industry: Legal

Artificial Intelligence is the most promising exponential technology available to humanity and the only one with true, self-propelled exponential growth potential. Amalgam focuses on providing high-performance computing solutions focused on Artificial Intelligence applications for companies, research centers, and other entities of all sizes, allowing them to create AI-driven solutions capable of disrupting industries.

Founder (s)
Adriano Marques


Investor (s)
XNV - Exponential Ventures

About us

Amalgam was the first child company of XNV, and it remains one of its most important, enabling all of our other child companies and Amalgam’s clients to leverage Artificial Intelligence to disrupt industries.


Amalgam started as an internal solution to everyday challenges using Artificial Intelligence to solve problems in-house. As our AI needs grew and our solutions matured, we saw an opportunity to offer these solutions to companies outside of XNV. Today, our AI-Optimized Mobile Data Center solution has no parallel and provides an unfair advantage to businesses trying to compete with an affordable, high-performance solution.


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