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Book Reviews Sem categoria 11/05/21

Why we do Performance Review Meetings every 30 to 45 days at Exponential Ventures

Performance Review Meetings: Dreaded by some, feared by others, loved by the greatest, and misunderstood by almost all. The scene seems to come straight out of a sitcom. A team member and his ...

Adriano Marques

Book Reviews Sem categoria 16/12/20

Machine Learning Reproducibility: A Kaggle Competition Use-Case

Even though Reproducibility in Machine Learning is a theme that people hear about now and then, we still see that people are practicing it only to a certain degree. Even between Kaggle ...

Book Reviews Sem categoria 23/10/20

Ranking labs-of-origin for genetically engineered DNA using Metric Learning

With the constant advancements of genetic engineering, a common concern is to be able to identify the lab-of-origin of genetically engineered DNA sequences. For that reason, AltLabs has hosted ...

Amalgam Book Reviews Sem categoria 18/09/20

The Eight Challenges You’ll Face With On-Premise Artificial Intelligence

As glamorous as it is to have your own Artificial Intelligence Optimized On-Premise Data Center, it doesn’t come easy. It is absolutelly true that if done right it boasts much better ...

Adriano Marques

Book Reviews Sem categoria 02/03/13

How to build your own Spaceship

When I first read the title of this book I was sure it couldn’t be real. Rocket Science is well known as a very complex endeavor and couldn’t be covered in a how to, however long it ...

Adriano Marques

Book Reviews Sem categoria 13/02/13

Zero Dark Thirty

Watching movies is one of my favorite activities, but I usually don’t write reviews about them. In this case, though, I decided to invest the time and write a review comparing the movie to ...

Adriano Marques


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