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Zero Dark Thirty

Adriano Marques

Watching movies is one of my favorite activities, but I usually don’t write reviews about them. In this case, though, I decided to invest the time and write a review comparing the movie to what I learned from the recounting of the navy seal who participated in the mission recounted in this movie.

First thing to notice is that you should not compare the movie with the book, since the first was produced from the point of view of the CIA agent who found Bin Laden’s compound, while the former recounts the story of the carrying out of the capture (and preparation that preceded the mission) from the perspective of a navy seal. No excuses for reading the book and not watching the movies, because you’ll miss out big.

While the movie invests a lot more time detailing the various events that led to the discovery of the compound, the book is focused on the precise and detailed description of the mission execution.

One thing that impressed me in this movie is how they managed to continually capture my attention throughout the whole movie even though I already knew the outcome, and how true to the navy seals recount this movie was.

Highly recommend both the movie and the book, with a suggestion that the book should be considered first so you may better compare to the events in the movie.


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