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How to build your own Spaceship

Adriano Marques

When I first read the title of this book I was sure it couldn’t be real. Rocket Science is well known as a very complex endeavor and couldn’t be covered in a how to, however long it could be.

After reading some positive reviews, I decided that it was worth going through it, and now that I’m done couldn’t be more pleased with all the spaceship building caveats and challenges I learned with it. This book won’t prepare you for building a spaceship, but will definitely satisfy most of your curiosity around the subject. Well, not really. In my case, it just made it grow even bigger, but I think this is a good thing.

In that book you’ll not only learn why Rocket Science is complex, but also learn a lot about rocket history, existing challenges and caveats of running a space business. It was worth every word. Highly recommend for those with any interest to learn more about space exploration and rocket science.


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