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Exponential 15/09/21

Exponential Hiring Process

The hiring process is a fundamental part of any company, it is the first contact of the professional with the culture and a great display of how things work internally. At Exponential Ventures it ...

Rodolfo Egarter
COO @ Pluo

Exponential 05/07/21

Power up your LinkedIn Game

When looking for a new opportunity in the tech field, it’s no secret that until now, one of the places to go is LinkedIn. But did you really know how to use it? No worries. We are here to help ...

Rodolfo Egarter
COO @ Pluo

Exponential 08/06/21

Chinese Lab Build the World Largest Model and Challenges Google… and the western as a whole.

The Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI), AKA OpenAI of China, recently launched the latest version of Wudao, a pre-trained deep learning model that is called “the world largest ...

João Paulo Martins
Data Scientist XNV


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