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Rodolfo Egarter
COO @ Pluo

The hiring process is a fundamental part of any company, it is the first contact of the professional with the culture and a great display of how things work internally. At Exponential Ventures it is not different, we have worked to build a hiring process that is effective and focused on providing the best experience possible for the candidate, helping them to have all the information needed to make such as important decision as joining us.

Our hiring process is constituted of 8 steps:
– Quick Call (15 min)
– Technical Interview (45 min – 1 hour)
– Interview with Director (30 min)
– Meet the Team (45 min)
– Interview with Adriano – CEO of XNV (30 min)
– Call for references
– Offer (15 – 30 min)
– Onboarding

Quick Call

That is your first contact with Exponential Ventures!

This step was created to present you with the company and clarify any questions that you may have about the business or the position. Usually, it does not take longer than 15 minutes accordingly to the number of questions of the candidate.

Technical Interview

Here we will evaluate your technical skills during an interview, focusing on the requirements of each position that we have available, that step takes a little more time than the previous one, usually from 30 min to 1 hour. Here is what to expect:

Developers – Q&A Session about the technologies needed for the position you applied for.
Product Designers and Designers – Three different possibilities for you to choose from. A take-home exercise, a case presentation, or a whiteboard interview.
Sales – This step is mixed with the interview with Director, and you must expect questions about your sales process, tools, and previous experiences.
Marketing positions –  This step is mixed with the interview with Director, and you must expect questions about your sales process, tools, and previous experiences.

Interview with Director

At this step, you will meet one of the directors of Exponential Ventures. That is a great chance to understand more in-depth about the work that you will be doing here, how our operations work, and clarify any questions that you may have. That is not a technical interview, it is just a conversation that takes no longer than 30 min.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team is one of the most interesting steps in our process. You will have the opportunity to meet our team without the presence of any leadership in the meeting, our goal here is to make you comfortable to understand our culture, the people that you will be working with, confirm information that you think is relevant to your decision and present yourself to your future colleagues.

At Exponential Ventures, we believe that should be no surprises when joining us, so this step helps us to make our company even more transparent for you.
This step takes around 30 min to 1 hour.

Interview with Adriano

Adriano loves to get to know the people that are joining Exponential Ventures, so at this step, you both will have the opportunity to know each other and ask any further questions that were not clarified before.

This step usually takes no longer than 30 min according to the candidate.

Call for references

At this step, we will need a list of 3 professional references, from people that worked with you in the past with their email, phone numbers, best times to call them (with their time zone), and whether they speak English. It is not a problem if they don’t, just useful to know if they do.

It is also important for you to reach out to them first and advise them about this call. It should not take more than 5 minutes and we have only 3 questions.

We must speak to your professional references by voice.

At this step, we also need your salary history for the past 3 years or past 3 employers. That is important for us to make an offer that makes sense for you at your career moment.

As this step relies on the availability of people outside of our process (our team and you) we can make it alongside the Meet the Team, so it does not increase the time to finish the process.


At this time you will have a call with Adriano to receive your offer. And don’t worry, you are not expected to provide your answer at this time. This call usually takes around 15 minutes.


Welcome! Now we are going to receive you in the best way possible, making sure that you understand everything about our company, projects, culture, and have access to everything that you need to get started.

You will have a lot to learn and many new faces to meet, and you can be sure that we will be thrilled to receive you!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate on reaching out to ask!


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