Exponential Ventures announces the acquisition of PyJobs, FrontJobs, and RecrutaDev

Adriano Marques

Founded in 2017, PyJobs has become one of Brazil’s most popular job boards for the Python community. Despite its aggressive growth in the past year, PyJobs retained its community-oriented approach that granted its impressive popularity among Brazilian developers. And it remains, to this day, the developer job board with the highest return of investment for employers looking to hire top-notch Software Engineers.

But that is not the whole story. PyJobs was initially founded by Vinicius Mesel, which later joined forces with Rodolfo Egarter to create FrontJobs and RecrutaDev. Focused on serving the Frontend Development community, FrontJobs quickly gained popularity as a critical resource for companies and professionals. RecrutaDev became the consultancy arm that offered high-touch tech recruiting solutions for companies of all sizes, including JusBrasil, Vitreo, Giant Steps Capital, Geru, SkyOne, Argyle, and several others.

As a long-time customer of these platforms and delighted with the impressive results achieved through them, Exponential Ventures engaged in negotiations with Mesel and Egarter for an acquisition deal that would bring the business to the next level. The outcome of these negotiations became Pluo, a job board and recruiting platform for technology professionals that aims to reduce the time to hire by simplifying and improving the candidate qualification process.

Pluo will also focus on helping North American and European companies find local workers and gain easy access to remote workers in Latin America.

Today, we’re very proud to announce the launch of Pluo.jobs, and the beginning of this long walk to revolutionize the way companies and professionals find each other to make dreams come true!

Our new founding team (from left to right: Vinicius Mesel, Adriano Marques, and Rodolfo Egarter)

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PyJobs, FrontJobs, and RecrutaDev are now Pluo. And we would like to invite you to join us, being part of the Pluo revolution!


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