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Sem categoria 05/03/21

Creating a Kubernetes environment on AWS with kOPS

Have you ever wondered about deploying a cluster controlled by Kubernetes on AWS (or any other Cloud Provider) without suffering? Well, this post is definitely to you. I won’t compare tools ...

Rhuan Silva
Former Tech. Lead at XNV

Amalgam Entrepreneurship Sem categoria 30/09/20

What Kind of AI Infrastructure is Best for my Business?

In this week’s Exponential Chats, some of the team members responsible for Amalgam’s development will have a chat about the various infrastructure alternatives available when it comes ...

Adriano Marques

Sem categoria 24/09/20

Docker for beginners

Hello you all, in this article I’ll try to explain the concepts of Docker and how you can dockerize your app with no suffering, so leeeeeet’s go 🤓 Objective The objective of this ...

Rhuan Silva
Former Tech. Lead at XNV


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