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Amalgam 26/10/21

Porto Seguro Challenge – 2nd Place Solution

We are pleased to announce that we got second place in the Porto Seguro Challenge, a competition organized by the largest insurance company in Brazil. Porto Seguro challenged us to build an ...

Adriano Marques

Amalgam 15/10/21

Predicting Reading Level of Texts – A Kaggle NLP Competition

Introduction: One of the main fields of AI is Natural Language Processing and its applications in the real world. Here on Amalgam.ai we are building different models to solve some of the problems ...

João Paulo Martins
Data Scientist XNV

Amalgam 15/10/21

Porto Seguro Challenge

Introduction: In the modern world the competition for marketing space is fierce, nowadays every company that wants the slight advantage needs AI to select the best customers and increase the ROI ...

João Paulo Martins
Data Scientist XNV

Sem categoria 08/01/21

Distributed learning in an on-premise cluster – A Kaggle Reinforcement Learning case

Have you tried any distributed learning algorithms? If you are just starting out in this area, I have my doubts, but if you have been on this path for a few years, you might have faced one of ...

Igor Muniz
Director of Artificial Intelligence

Book Reviews Sem categoria 16/12/20

Machine Learning Reproducibility: A Kaggle Competition Use-Case

Even though Reproducibility in Machine Learning is a theme that people hear about now and then, we still see that people are practicing it only to a certain degree. Even between Kaggle ...

Book Reviews Sem categoria 23/10/20

Ranking labs-of-origin for genetically engineered DNA using Metric Learning

With the constant advancements of genetic engineering, a common concern is to be able to identify the lab-of-origin of genetically engineered DNA sequences. For that reason, AltLabs has hosted ...


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