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Book Reviews Sem categoria 11/05/21

Why we do Performance Review Meetings every 30 to 45 days at Exponential Ventures

Performance Review Meetings: Dreaded by some, feared by others, loved by the greatest, and misunderstood by almost all. The scene seems to come straight out of a sitcom. A team member and his ...

Adriano Marques

Sem categoria 09/02/21

The Art of Hiring Data Scientists

The amount of companies hiring out Data Scientists thinking that they’re going to come in, wave a wand and solve all problems with AI is appalling. This is not good for the industry, the ...

Adriano Marques

Sem categoria 30/12/20

Internationalization in Angular 10

The problem of internationalizing applications has been around for as long as software development has existed. Today I would like to discuss the workflow I use to solve this problem in Angular ...

Sem categoria 02/12/20

Custom API access in AWS

Here is a quick and easy introduction on the basics of custom access control for API’s created using API gateway from AWS. Let’s get started 🔐. To illustrate the topics we are ...

Sem categoria 06/11/20

Introduction to Serverless on AWS

Today I am going to give a brief introduction on the concepts of creating a basic API using a serverless approach hosted on AWS. Nowadays a common choice for hosting an API is a virtual machine ...

Sem categoria 05/11/20

Overview on the current state of 3D Printing

3D printing used to be mostly the realm of hobbyists. As the technology evolved, it became an essential manufacturing method for many industries. Several cars today have 3D printed parts. 3D ...

Adriano Marques

Sem categoria 27/10/20

I heard that you’re playing with SEO

Hey people, hello again, this time we’re going to talk about SEO 📈📊In this article I’ll walk with you through the path I followed to improve the visibility of this blog ...

Rhuan Silva
Former Tech. Lead at XNV

Sem categoria 26/10/20

Mineral Mining and Blockchains – a good example of blockchain use outside of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain became a buzz word by 2017, made famous by the single-use case that for many people seemed almost synonymous with Blockchain –Bitcoin. The question on people’s minds was: ...

Adriano Marques

Sem categoria 09/10/20

Angular Applications at Scale

In this article, we’ll look at how to build large Angular applications. I’ll discuss techniques that will help you keep your project scalable, maintainable and robust. Let’s get ...

Entrepreneurship Exponential Technology Sem categoria 23/09/20

Are there any real-world application of Blockchains outside of Cryptocurrencies?

In this week’s Exponential Chats, we have a special guest discussing with us some real-world applications of Blockchains outside of Cryptocurrencies and whether those applications are ...

Adriano Marques

Amalgam Sem categoria 17/09/20

My journey so far

My journey at Exponential Ventures started mid-2019 when I flew 7000 km to Exponential Venture’s headquarters in Chicago. During my first day of work at the HQ, I met the team members, saw ...

Amalgam Entrepreneurship Exponential Technology Sem categoria 02/09/20

Should I start saving for my neuralink implant?

In this week’s Exponential Chats, some of the team members responsible for Amalgam’s development will have a chat about the recently unveiled neuralink, a Brain-Machine interface ...

Adriano Marques


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