Give Yourself a Good Hobby

Rhuan Silva
Former Tech. Lead at XNV

When I was young all I liked to do was spend day and night playing my good and old PlayStation One. It was incredible, I really enjoyed those hours playing Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Cross, Harvest Moon and many other great names that I won’t spend you time with. Nowadays looking back I realize that I could have done better if I invested my time on different hobbies. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that playing video games are a bad thing, also because I started learning English because of those retro games. I remember when I couldn’t understand a thing of what the characters were saying and when I could achieve some goals the story made sense to me, you can think this is not important but for a child raised with a poor education system like the one I had in Brazil, I can assure you this is something.

What I expect you to understand with this small article is that time is precious. You won’t recover the time you’ve wasted (I know your mom already told you this, don’t get me wrong please). The best hour, the best minute to do the things you wish to do is now, this is the best moment for you to seek a new skill, to seek a better salary, to seek for a partner (sounds like a coach right hahahahhahahah BUT I’M NOT!). I was very lucky because I knew people much much much better than me in a lot of development skills, and they helped me on my career like no other game did.

Nowadays I still have some hobbies, sometimes I do pixel art. Sometimes I play chess, also I am searching for a chess teacher right now, because I keep learning new chess things and it’s being awesome. When you have a hobby that makes you happy and you can share with others you feel great. When you feel great you do your work better, this is a quite simple process, it’s a matter of hormones.

Well this post goes from my collection of sincerity and I hope you enjoyed it.


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