I’ve said that before, and I’ll say it again: you know when a book is outdated when it keeps referencing MySpace and as a model for Social Networks. Unfortunately, this is not the only downside of this book. It is too tedious, full of long sentences that explains deeply everything that is being stated. It makes so many references that makes you feel like you’re running in circles. I kept reading, chapter after chapter, but the substance of the discussion barely changed, and you hardly notice an evolution in the content as you progress throughout the book. It might have been an ok book by the time it got published, but so much have changed already. Also, since I’m pretty familiar with the topics discussed in this book, maybe I’m just not the kind of reader it targets and thus why I felt so frustrated. In any event, I couldn’t recommend its read since it is outdated and a very long read for getting to know what you really need and want to know about the power of networks.

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