The terrorist attacks of 9/11/11 are the perfect example of how fear can put ourselves in greater danger.

After seeing the airplanes hitting the World Trade Center on the TV, people decided that flying wasn’t safe anymore. Instead, they took their cars and drove to their destinations, causing more traffic casualties than the terrorist attack itself, as statistics collected between 9/11/11 and 9/11/12 have shown. The book is filled with several examples of fears that struck us paralyzed and have a huge influence in our decision process but that have very little chance of ever occurring to any single individual.

The author goes further to explain the reason why we behave like this, and how media and marketing have played a massive role throughout humanity in creating, nurturing, and spreading most of the fears we have today.

You’re guaranteed to see the world from a different perspective after reading this book. It has at least made me think a lot harder over things I fear and decisions I make everyday. I highly recommend it!

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