A few weeks ago I have read the book “The Google Story: Inside the Hottest Business, Media, and Technology Success of Our Time” (Portuguese version) and later I decided to share my thoughts about that reading experience.

The first bit about this book is that it has an easy language, and thus the book fits non-high tech readers. The second bit is that although it is a more interesting book for those of us interested on Google and high tech, it might be a good reading for those interested on getting inspired.

In the first chapters you’ll find some details about Google’s founders and it’s very beginning as well as some detailed information about that epoch that you’re not willing to find easily googling 🙂

As you keep reading, you’re driven to a tour explaining how Google works, and how they make decisions. Before reading this book, I have never realized how unique was the Google’s IPO and how they changed some paradigms at that time.

You’ll also find some cool details about 1st April, Google doodles, the no name restaurant and even find an Easter egg in the middle of the book (a famous cook recipe).

Summarizing, this book is a nice reading for both tech and non-tech people interested on getting inspired by the Google’s history.

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