Thank You!

Adriano Marques

As one of the finalists to be part of the Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University I started a campaign to raise the funds to pay for my tuition. It was a tough sell, given that I was an alternate student and being admitted was depending on a class finalist dropping out before the program started. About a week before the campaign was closed, a confirmation came that the class was finally formed, and that there would hardly be any substitutions.

The campaign didn’t get any close to be fulfilled, but some very special friends came to my support and generously contributed to help me attend Singularity University. This is my special thank you for all of them. Your trust, support, and generosity deeply touched my heart and I feel humbled that I have so many great friends who contributed to this campaign. Not everyone that helped in this campaign could contribute financially, and if you’re one of these, know that your support is not lost in me. Thank you so much!

Operating from Brazil’s capital, Pavgran is been in the market for over 20 years and is specialized in stamped concrete and industrial flooring.
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