Nvidia GTC 2021

Igor Muniz
Director of Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia’s annual GTC starts today and you don’t want to lose this opportunity. Every year Nvidia comes to show their exciting advancements in GPU technology and as artificial intelligence is directly linked to GPUs, you should expect a lot of AI content there, becoming a paradise for data scientist, machine learning engineers, and AI enthusiasts. You can also watch content about automation, health care, and quantum computing, all for free. But if you have extra money, I will recommend doing a workshop where you can learn more about a certain topic. Last year I had the best Transformers class of my life.

Explore NVIDIA GTC 2021 Conference Topics
NVIDIA GTC 2021 will offer a wide array of interactive sessions about AI, graphics, & accelerated computing.

How to watch the Nvidia GTC 2021 keynote live
Jensen Huang takes to the stage… in his kitchen


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