Make Time

Adriano Marques

One of the many cool things about working here at XNV is that we have a book club! We each take a turn picking a book, we read it, and then once a month we meet via Zoom to talk about the book. The book we read in January was, Make Time by Jake and JZ.

The main idea behind Make Time, is simply that making time for what really matters.  The book really hit home for me, I am always running around with a 200 item to do list getting no where.

The great thing about this book, is you can use the steps at home, at work, or even for a project. The book also offers tactics and ideas that help you overcome and stop wasting time.  So here’s how it works, first you need to learn the four daily steps.

The four daily steps are:

  1. Highlight: What you will get done today. For example this blog post was my highlight for today!
  2. Laser: Finding time to focus on your highlight. I blocked time on my calendar  to focus on my highlight, writing this blog post.
  3. Energize: Making sure you have enough energy, that your “battery” is fully charged.
  4. Reflect: Looking back at your day. You use this step to tailor the daily steps to fit your lifestyle.

After you have completed a few rounds of the daily tasks, you should review your data. How did it go? What have you learned about your energy levels? What tactics really work for you? Then, you use this information to optimize your daily habits to make it work for you!

The major take away from this book is to make time on what really matters. Often times we rush through life focused on everything expect what matters. If you are able to read this book, and apply some of the tactics to your day, you will be amazed at what you’ve missed or the time you really have.


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