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If you’ve got two frogs to eat, which one would you eat first?

Adriano Marques

Just finished with listening to another audiobook a couple days ago while walking, and wanted to share my review and highlight two important concepts I learned from it.

First concept: If you have two frogs in the pond to eat, which one would you eat first? The ugliest one. Once you’ve done with the ugliest one, you’ll feel like the worst is past and that the next one is going to be a piece of cake.

That’s the same for tasks you have at hand. Solve the hardest one first, and the other will feel like a breeze.

While talking to my wife, we figured that she somehow have this sort of behavior: she tends to eat the less delicious part of the meal in her plate first.

People who tend to deliver the easiest tasks first, will often procrastinate on harder tasks, since easy tasks are always appearing to be solved and they’ll always get a higher priority with this behavior.

Second concept: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If you try to eat it all at once, you’ll fail. That’s just the same for big tasks that demands a lot of time and effort to accomplish. If you fool yourself thinking that you could eat that elephant all at once, you’ll fail miserably.

This book is short and more practical than “The Now Habit“. It is more positive and motivates the reader to adopt changes in his life. This book is no substitute for the other one, but still it is definitely a worth reading one.


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