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How to Create a Mind – The Secret of Human Thought Revealed

Adriano Marques

Much like the Singularity is Near, and pretty much all other book from Ray Kurzweil, this one is certainly going to cause some stir in you. Ray tells you of how a mind can indeed be reproduced, and how A.I. is steadily walking towards that reality that will soon allow us to upload our mind, and be able to create machines that can mimic human behavior and cognition at all levels. It is less of a prediction book, when compared to Singularity is Near. It talks more about the brain and how it works, and all of the algorithmic and mathematical patterns that can be reproduced through software and how most of our human behaviors can be reproduced to create an artificial mind in the future. It is indeed a book with lots of predictions and speculations, but it is also a book that shows you a lot of what A.I. have already achieve and that you probably didn’t know about yet.

For Software Engineers, it is a specially interesting and inspiring book, but it is certainly suitable and very inspiring to all audiences. I found great inspiration from reading it, and I highly recommend to all of those who are interested in learning more about what future holds for A.I. and human-machine symbiotic interactions.


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