Google Summer of Code 2011

Adriano Marques

As you may already know, Umit Project is in as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2011, and it happens that we just got through the selection process, and earlier today Google announced the winning students!

This year, Umit received 42 proposals, from 40 talented students from almost all continents in the world! We were absolutely astonished with so many talented students willing to work with us this season. So many proposals took us a long while to evaluate, and all of them involved a long process interacting with the student and assessing their capabilities, time commitments, etc.

Personally, I loved to interact with all of them, and just figured that they’re all very talented and probably a good fit for helping us out at Umit, but our resources aren’t infinite and we had to make a choice!

We were extremely happy to figure that Google has granted us 8 slots this year, and we’re very excited with how much we can do with that. Thank you Google!

Please, join us welcoming the students that will code with us this season at Google Summer of Code 2011!

  • Zubair Nabi is from Pakistan, and is going to help us change the world in the coolest summer project of his life, developing the Internet Connectivity Monitor mobile agent for Android devices. He had a very tough decision to make when he figured that all three organizations he applied for have accepted him (Apache, Umit and Globus Alliance), and we were astonished to figure that he chose us to stick with for this Summer! Luis Bastião is going to mentor Zubair this Summer.
  • Diogo Pinheiro is from Portugal, and worked with us in the past, during GSoC 2010, providing several improvements to our Network Scanner. This time, he is aiming at making a dent in the world in the coolest summer project of his life, developing the Internet Connectivity Monitor Aggregator, that will provide people with real time information about any connectivity issues in their regions. Adriano Marques will mentor Diogo this Summer.
  • Zhongjie Wang (Alan) is from China, and challenged us with new concepts and ideas on how to better implement the Internet Connectivity Monitor Agent in the coolest summer project of his life. Alan told us about his great desire to develop a challenging project like this, and hey… you got it! Adriano Marques will mentor Alan this Summer.
  • Dragoş Dena is from Romania, and he is going to implement the Next Generation of our Network Inventory, making it more useful for large networks. During summer, he helped us in one of our hackathons to deliver a new release, and showed a great talent and desire to help our community. Kudos for Dragoş! Guilherme Polo will mentor Dragoş this Summer.
  • Gaurav Ranjan is from India, and he wants to bring our Network Scanner to the next level, by adding ipv6 support and several other nifty features, aiming for a 2.0 release by the end of this Summer! Gaurav showed a great desire to participate, technical knowledge and was capable to debate and adjust his proposal to comply with Network Scanner’s goals. Hey Gaurav, take good care of our beloved Network Scanner! Bartosz Skowron will mentor Gaurav this Summer.
  • Guilherme Rezende is from Brazil, and the second Guilherme in our team. I Bet this is a good sign 😉 He wants to alleviate the pain out of debugging VoIP networks by implementing auditing tools for the SIP protocols to be integrated in our Packet Manipulator, using our Audits Framework. Guilherme has worked for telecoms for a while, and he surely knows the pain it is to audit and keep a large network running. Francesco Piccino will mentor Guilherme this Summer.
  • Angad Singh is from Singapore, and he proposed us a very solid approach on how to port our Network Scanner to Android devices. He fought for his idea, and we bought his vision. Now, by the end of this summer, network scanner will also give you nice scanning results while in your mobile. João Medeiros is going to mentor Angad this Summer.
  • Piotrek Wasilewski is from Poland, and the third Polish to join own team (yeah… bet it is a good sign also) and his goal for this summer is to deliver a full featured real cloud based Network Scanner, that will allow for easily storing and searching though results, scheduling scans, receiving results by email and much more. Rodolfo Carvalho will mentor Piotrek this Summer. We really wanted to have the resources to mentor all students and for that reason we created the Umit Summer of Code program, where we can accommodate more students than in the GSoC version.There are many other initiatives like USoC in the Open Source community. A friend of ours took the time to list them, and made a very nice post in her blog listing her findings.

Thank you Google and everyone that submitted a proposal to Umit Project.

We hope we can all work together this Summer to make a change in the world.


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