About 5 years ago, I had the chance of attending to one of the Heath brothers presentations, while at the Creativity World Forum 2008, in Antwerp. I loved their simplified approach to hacking life issues and finding creative solutions to make a change in the world. Right there at the event, I bought their book “Made to Stick” (which I’m still supposed to post a review here at the blog) and kept an eye out for new books from them. When I saw decisive it immediately went to my reading list, and I finally just managed to read it and it is fantastic!

The book proposes 4 principles for guiding and removing what they call the villains of the decision making process.

  1. Widen your options
  2. Reality-test your assumptions
  3. Attain distance before deciding
  4. Prepare to be wrong

Easy read, full of inspiring examples and recommendations. Highly recommend if you’re interested in building a better process for decision making in your life.

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