Chief Culture Officer: How to Create a Living, Breathing Corporation

Adriano Marques

Culture is a set of standard behaviors we can observe in a group of people. Each school, university and business is got its own set of standard behaviors defined by rules, environmental conditions, ethnicity of attending people, etc.

Most cultures can be shaped for good, creating a standard set of behaviors that people will instinctively follow and ultimately further benefit the group.

Culture shaping can be achieved inside any size group of people, in any company, and if done right can lay the foundations for s strong, creative and collaborating team of professionals inside a company.

Right there emerges the role of the Chief Culture Officer, the executive responsible for taking the decisions that shape the culture inside the company, helping it achieve its goals.

Cultures can evolve without intentional interventions too, being shaped through time for good or bad, and  it is CCO’s duty to also make sure that bad cultures developing are identified and trimmed out for good. It doesn’t really need to be a formal full-time job, but this role is crucial in keeping a highly effective culture prepared for meeting the business goals.

I loved the book, and although I’m unsure whether this title will ever achieve same omnipresence that titles like CEO, CIO and CTO have achieved, I strongly believe that any business needs someone watching out and carefully shaping their culture at all times. Highly recommend this book, since it will give you great insight on companies that have been shaping their culture for their own good, and it is full of ideas on how you could do that yourself too.


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