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Smart Offline Shopping Experience


Industry: SaaS and Advertisement

Retailers cannot have accurate information about their customers in physical stores when compared to e-commerce. At the same time the media market faces challenges in obtaining campaign metrics in those environments. Savetail offers real-time interactions to customers while collecting their data and showing targeted ads, elevating customer satisfaction and retail revenue with AI-driven shopping experiences.

Founder (s)
Igor Muniz


Investor (s)
XNV - Exponential Ventures

About US

Savetail applies state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and big data technologies to create a smart offline shopping experience. With our products, retailers will have access to all their customer’s data and product interactions in a SaaS platform while advertisers can publish their campaigns in our partner’s stores, accessing their analytical data and using this information to create data-driven advertising campaigns.

The origin

A group of AI engineer friends wanted to apply artificial intelligence in physical environments, bringing real-time metrics and applying optimizations for different sectors. Despite not being an easy and cheap task, this idea has matured since 2020 culminating in the creation of Savetail.


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