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About inequality in I.T. market

Vittoria Ardore
Jr. HR Analyst

Ada Lovelace: creator of the first algorithm in history;

Margaret Hamilton: developed the softwares that took the man to the moon;

Karen Spärck Jones: laid the groudworks for search engines;

Donna Dubinsky: lauched the predecessors of smartphones.

The average of technology graduates in Brazil is 15%, what makes this area have a large déficit of trained professionals. And this can be even more difficult for women: just 20% of them works in the labour market.

The biggest difficulty women face when entering in the tech world is cultural. The professions related to I.T. are predominantly male. Those women can’t see themselves in this Market because of:

  • Most of their leaders are men, so there is no one who they can take as an exemple;
  • Face more difficulties in the hiring process and have to show themselves more competente than a man to get a job;
  • Be asked about children, with who they can stay during the day and if she want to have some;
  • Difficulty with being heard in a company;
  • Lower salary than a man who do the exactly same job.

PYJobs worries about providing a good experience for their candidates, because of that, we recruit the best women cadidates for the best companies, looking for gender equality and axpanding women in the technological market.


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