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The World is Flat 3.0

Adriano Marques

Quick and easy book about how flat the world have become through technology and how people can now interact with each other regardless of geographical distances for the benefit of society.

Several heart warming recounting of people who gave up on their confort to make the world a better place using the internet and accompanying technologies, starting a social business or helping people in developing countries to find their way out of poverty.

The book also talks about the bad consequences of a highly connected world, when devices are constantly requiring more and more of our attention, living little to give of it for those around us.

The book is about Social Responsibility, which is an increasingly hot topic world wide as businessmen figure that taking actions that benefit the environment and the community pays and pays.

Don’t get me wrong, this book is great, but I liked Saving the World at Work (which I read and reviewed a while ago) a lot more, as it goes further into describing Social Responsibility for business and its positive and real financial benefits for the business. If you’re in doubt, read both! This one is well worth it.


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