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The Post-American World – Release 2.0

Adriano Marques

The title may lead you to think that the author is going to picture a pretty chaotic picture for USA in the next decade. Not true. In fact, it talks a lot more about the balancing out of power and the rising of developing countries than anything else. Been raised and educated in a developing country, I tend to disagree with the author’s colorful predictions and the way he downplays corruption. A few years ago (about the time the book was written) the BRICS were soaring, growing steadily on 5%+ and some times 10%+ every year. Brazil have then found a huge source of oil within their shores, and it looked all very promising. Brazil screwed it up, and have now the biggest oil dependency in his past decade, and reality is that those countries are showing sluggish performance today, with increasing inflation and little HDI improvement. My gut says it haven’t reached the bottom yet.

Aside from this small comment, book is very good and points out the position that USA have been taking on leading with technology creation instead of manufacturing and some other factors.Worth reading, and expect a Release 3.0.


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