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The Mormon Way of Doing Business

Adriano Marques

The true definition or true defining situation for a person is what they do when they are alone and don’t have to do anything else” – Dell’s CEO Kevin Rollins

Isn’t it right? Have you ever noticed what do you do whenever you find yourself idle? Start thinking of it.

This book is based on interviews to prominent members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Some of them are the CEOs of JetBlue Airways (former CEO and founder, actually), Dell Computers, Deloitte & Touché and Madison Square Garden. As their lives are retreated and analyzed, several principles and behaviors that have lead them to success are actually based on their religion, faith and family values.

It is certainly a must read for members and non-members of the church, as it clearly draws and clarify the benefits of living the principles of the gospel in everything we do, and knowing how to value our families and marital relationship.

One of the chapters explains what is the secret of success, and it clearly highlights the family as the most favorable factor. Some people keep thinking that getting married and having kids is a show stopper, but I keep saying that there is no such show stopper as avoiding them and the happiness they bring to life. The experience we get as family leaders we can’t get anywhere else, and they certainly mold us for other challenges we face in life.


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