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The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Business Don’t Work and What to Do About It

Adriano Marques

If I had to summarize the most important lesson learned while reading this book in one sentence it would be: A true Entrepreneur should not go to work in his business, but rather dedicate his effort working on his business.

According to the author, the key to a ill fated business is an entrepreneur failing to act equally on the three key roles he has to play (technician, manager and entrepreneur) by focusing on the technician role and devoting all of his time doing the hands-on job of providing his business services, leaving no time for preparing the business to grow.

At the other hand, those entrepreneurs that invest their time thinking about the business and creating systems to support the business growth and standardizing its deliverables are the key to success, by citing Mc Donald’s as the most prominent example of business who managed to achieve high levels of standardization and business survival through careful and thoughtful business design. If Ray Kroc had spent his time cooking burgers and fries all day long, serving customers, managing employees and dealing with the company books, Mc Donald’s would never become what it is today.

Outstanding book, and a must read for all entrepreneurs who one day think of creating a business that will work without his constant presence and that will ultimately  survive him. Highly recommend!


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