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Sem categoria 17/06/21

How to change careers

Believe in your potential to open doors. When you start to believe in yourself, other people start to believe in you. Believe that you can and are capeble of train yourself for the area you want ...

Vittoria Ardore
Jr. HR Analyst

Sem categoria 31/05/11

Challenging Myself

My idea While watching my weight go up due to long hours of work sitting in front of a computer and some health problems began to appear, I just decided that I had to undertake some sort of ...

Adriano Marques

Sem categoria 01/01/99

You are not your code!

The title is obvious, but here’s the point I want to attack: many developers are triggered when it comes to a simple code review or perhaps some improvement or change to their code. Here ...

Rhuan Silva
Former Tech. Lead at XNV


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