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Sem categoria 01/04/21

Potatoes Cluster: Training a Deep Learning Model Using a 100 Potatoes

Have you ever heard about battery potatoes? Did you know that it is also possible to process information using potatoes? In this post we are going to show you how it’s possible to create a ...

Igor Muniz
Director of Artificial Intelligence

Sem categoria 26/10/20

Mineral Mining and Blockchains – a good example of blockchain use outside of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain became a buzz word by 2017, made famous by the single-use case that for many people seemed almost synonymous with Blockchain –Bitcoin. The question on people’s minds was: ...

Adriano Marques

Entrepreneurship Exponential Technology Sem categoria 23/09/20

Are there any real-world application of Blockchains outside of Cryptocurrencies?

In this week’s Exponential Chats, we have a special guest discussing with us some real-world applications of Blockchains outside of Cryptocurrencies and whether those applications are ...

Adriano Marques


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