A rebel who revolutionized the once boring, complex and expensive computer world. I read quite a few books and articles about Steve Jobs, but this book is by far the most sincere while describing his personality. It was impressive that a person with such a stubborn personality with an obsession for control would let his daemons out of his closet, as it is said in the book. Most people would ask that his biography should focus on his qualities and achievements, but according to the author, Walter Isaacson, Steve didn’t try to steer any of the development and focus of the book.

This is not a business book. Neither it is focused on teaching you how to be like Steve Jobs and achieve his success, like some other books attempt to do. Rather, it captures its passion and tells the story of a man who loved, struggled and was as flawed as all of us are. The book is inspiring, and I highly recommend it!

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