This book features some in depth study of real world industry changes, and how they happened, explained from a point of view that most of us have never thought before. I found it very useful in several subjects of study. Seemingly “Crossing the Chasm”, Geoffrey A. Moore, it’s first chapter explains some qualities of consumers, and how to feed them with what they need. Actually, it takes a different approach when compared to Crossing the Chasm, because it preaches that some business have their own niches of consumers, and that every niche has it’s own quality when it comes to a given product, while Geoffrey preaches how to scale through consumers to reach mainstream.

Nevertheless, if you want to understand more about your consumers, both books are a must read anyway and both concepts works together.

The most important thing about all this is that you not always need to overshot your customers. Some customers are just doing fine with what you provide currently, and maybe trying to overshot them with fancy additives can drop your profit range or even incentive them to go for another undershot product that fits their needs. Basically, that’s the point of view from which most part of the cases studied in this book are seem, and I believe that should be the point of view from which you should analyze your business. Good reading, I recommend.

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