Although it might not look like a must read book in a social network focused world, it was an interesting read for because of it’s deep relation with my under graduation monography and the effort I’ve put studying that matter.

Some may think that today, P2P is old fashioned while they relate the acronym with P2P networks of old days like Napster, Edonkey and Gnutella. Don’t feel like that. P2P is not a acronym for file sharing. P2P is a acronym for new ways of making networks, sharing spare resources and communicating.

Fortunately, this is not yet another book about Napster, Gnutella or any other file sharing P2P network that ever existed, but a book about P2P potentials and how to use it to achieve real world companies goals and needs.

I’ve been studying deeply the matter for about 2,5 years, and still found some useful information in this book. Though, I warn that it is not the kind of book that a technician is anxious to read, but the kind of book that a manager would like to read in order to figure ways of using P2P to improve it’s company business capabilities and enhance revenues.

It is a pretty straight forward and quick reading book, and tells some interesting cases of business that used P2P and achieved good and bad results from it. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

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