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Tony Kamillo

Fullstack Software Engineer

I have been work with web-based solutions more than a decade, passing through early WEB 2.0 (Semantics) to reactive manifesto. He values the simple, clean code and always tries to choose good names for the things. Good names is very import part about understanding code and APIs.

  • Docker
  • Git
  • Postgres
  • React
  • Vuejs
  • Gitlab

About me

XNV Experience


Fullstack Software Engineer

Fixed some bugs, like scheduled commands that didn't work, created the company configuration api and invited the company's profile manager on the Pluo platform


Fullstack Software Engineer

I worked on restoring the legacy software and started on the e-discovery part.

Savings Club

Fullstack Software Engineer

I'm improving the Django backend that was designed wrong and standardizing the api's responses.


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