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Rafael Mesquita

Business Development

Hey there, to start, you can call me “Rafa” it´s easier and nicer, I´m totally comfortable about it! I´m Brazilian, living in Goiânia with my wife and two kids (Alice is 3 year old and Lucas has 7).
My passions are my family, friends and my professional life (mainly to help people to find their way to a successful and happier life).
My graduations: Marketing and Advertising, Financial Management and Coaching.

  • Excel
  • Corel Draw

About me

I started my professional life on my family´s business, Persiflex company, it’s a blinds, curtains and awnings manufacturing. I’d worked on all company areas, mainly sales, marketing and import management. Working at Persiflex group gave me a vast knowledge on how to manage people and to work world wide, being part of international business relations, such as China, Germany, Italy, USA, Panama, etc.
Also had my own company, named Casa Mia Decoração, located in Goiânia. It was founded in 2017 and it was a great experience, but unfortunately the society didn´t worked as planned, so I left the company in 2020.
At the same year I found my life purpose, in a dramatic part of my life (were I was undoing the business society) , I was invited to be part of a business consultant program called Desafio Empreendedor, and it has changed my life since then, I have the opportunity to change so many people’s life, it’s wonderful!
With all of that, once again, in an unexpected moment, I was invited, this year, to be part of XNV team. For me it´s a pleasurable challenge, a great opportunity to learn and exchange experiences. Let´s go for it!

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