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Adriano Marques

So it came the time which I decided to dedicate my time on porting Umit to Maemo, and make a package for it. This is a long time history, which started about a year or so and which I want to see it concluded for two reasons:

  1. I want to be able to run Umit on my Nokia770 (which is getting old now with the N800 release)
  2. One of the Umit’s main goals is portability. I believe that a Maemo porting is another step forward to accomplish this goal.

If you are thinking about acquiring a handheld, I urge you to take a look on Nokia’s internet tablets. Those devices run Maemo (which is Linux). I know it’s needless to say, but I’ll do anyway: it runs Python 2.5 and Gtk… and soon, you’ll be able to run Umit on it also! 😉

This week I created a new branch at Umit’s repository, called Hildon in which I’ll be making the necessary modifications. Contributions are welcome!

If you don’t feel like exporting the branch to check what I’ve been making there, and run it on your device to see how is it looking now, I can list what I’ve done here:

  • Made a really simple function to detect if the program is running on Maemo or not
  • Converted the main window to HildonWindow (when running the app on Maemo)
  • Put the main menu and the main toolbar in their right places

Few work done until now, but soon it will be over. Also, I would like to announce that soon I’ll be releasing Umit 0.9.4. It will feature some bug fixes and installation process improvements. The new windows installer will also come with updated dependencies, including Python2.5 and latest Gtk version. These fixes should ease the task of creating packages for Umit.

Currently, I won’t be able to release a Mac installer, but I’m looking forward to have a chance to do such installer soon (please, consider soon as been “until the end of this GSoC”).


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