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Adriano Marques

Co-founder and CEO at XNV

Adriano was the engineering team lead at crowdSPRING and is the founder of the Umit Project Open Source Organization where he had, for 6 years, mentored dozens of engineers around the world through the Google Summer of Code program. He is the former co-founder and CTO at Startup Foundry, and currently the CEO of Exponential Ventures, a Startup Studio and Venture Capital Fund.

  • Machine Learn
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Full stack
  • Business

About me

A dedicated husband and daddy to two boys and two girls, Adriano still finds time to cook, watch movies, send a camera to the edge of space and record a major storm forming from above, work as a volunteer and read (or listen to) books while he’s not sleeping or working.

Adriano graduated from the State University of Goias, in Brazil, where he earned a Bachelor degree, while traveling about 55,900 miles (more than earth’s equatorial circumference). In his quest to travel more than Gerard Moss (the first South American to fly around the world), Adriano graduated, married, and traveled with his wife to live in Brussels and work for Belgacom, where he learned a bit of French and to appreciate the original French fries which are actually Belgian. Since 2012 he’s been happily living in the United States with his Family, and in 2016 graduated as a M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Tech.

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