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Insanely Simple

Adriano Marques

Simplicity is currently one of the hottest subjects amongst entrepreneurs, developers and designers.

Despite the name, simplicity isn’t always obvious, easy or simple to implement, and this book does a good job pointing out several examples from experiences the author had while working closely with Steve Jobs at Apple.

This is a fine book with good insights on Apple’s case studies compared to other big players in the market like Intel and Dell, and for that reason it is worth reading. I felt, though, that the author failed to identify good examples out of the Apple realm, which I believe would achieve a higher purpose even though the book carries on its title Apple’s name. The reason why I say so is that the author tackles the subject from the viewpoint that Apple’s success was solely driven by simplicity and completely disregard other market conditions that also helped drive that company’s success.

It is a good reading, and a complimentary book for those who are interested in Steve Job’s life and its companies history, specially for fans for that brand.


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