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Google’s Summer of Code Podcast and Umit@Nmap

Adriano Marques

For those of you interested on taking a look (or should it be a “hear”?) on the podcast I had with my friend Leslie Hawthorn, here goes the link. Yeah… I was a bit nervous, and I missed some words… Also, we had a problem with skype at the time of the interview, and was kinda hard to come out with it. Anyway, hope you have good time with it! 😉

There is another post at Google Summer of Code blog talking about some stats around the Brazilian community on open source and GSoC.

The last weeks, I’ve been playing on Umit trying to improve a little bit it’s usability and hunting some bugs for the next stable release which is going to happen at the same time Umit is getting integrated with Nmap officially! Level Up for Umit!

Next Monday (28th May), the Summer of Code will officially begin, and keyboards will get really hot all around the world. It won’t be different with us at Umit, and students didn’t wait until the official beginning of Summer of Code to start hacking their projects! Stay tuned to the Umit Project blog to get some update about their projects. Soon the community will have brand new toys to play around with Umit.



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