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First thoughts about the event…

Adriano Marques

I went through the first morning of the event, and it was very inspiring. The speakers quality is very ok, and the event very well organized, but the catering service… Ok, we’re surviving that and in the end, we came here for brain not stomach food.

John Cleese mainly talked about ways of letting and incentivizing your creativity come out from your unconscious. Not a surprise to most of us, interrupting the cognitive process can be a disaster as he said. I believe that, and always tried to find a calm and quiet place to let my ideas flow. But that is nice when we’re under control of the situation and we can manage to set a good slot of time in a peaceful place to let our neurons work as they like. But, how to produce such an environment inside a company? How to let your employee in charge of creating their creative environment in which they can feed their minds with what they need to come out with innovation? Is it good or is it bad for your company?

That is hard to say. A later speaker, author of the book “My Company is a Jungle”, claimed that culture is vital inside a company. If your company doesn’t have an inner culture, you’re going out of wings. Maybe, that could relate our former need: How to let our employees in charge of creating their perfect creative environment and not mess up with your company? Maybe, setting a culture could be the answer.

Yeah, that’s not something new or ground breaking. We hear all the time people saying about companies trying to set a creative culture, and you shouldn’t take more than 1 second to remind the name of a couple of them.

What are the other companies missing then? Is that fear which motivates then to keep themselves in the age of iron when it comes to creating a culture inside a company? Is the fear caused because it is expensive to afford such a freedom to their employees?

We clearly see the benefits of providing time and a good environment for creativity, so why do we keep pushing and pressing people to keep in track of deadlines, and do more things in less time? We are so used to this culture, of pushing and pressing and delivering things in very tight deadlines, that we feel afraid of trying the disruptive approach of not having a deadline and not pushing things around

So, from were I can see, things must change both internally and externally, and as Jef Staes said: it must start from the edge.


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