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Adriano Marques

Founder and CEO at XNV See more

Jon loevy

Investor See more

Michael Kanovitz

Investor See more

Our team

Vinicius Mesel

CEO @ Pluo See more

Rodolfo Egater

COO @ Pluo See more

Igor Muniz Soares

Director of AI and Lead Data Scientist See more

Adriano Wagner

Marketing Manager See more

Mateus Lima

Product Designer Lead See more

Leonardo Ferreira

Lead Product Design See more

Jonas Reichel

Project Manager See more

Yuri Delgado

Tech Lead See more

Andre Tapxure Gabriel

DevOps See more

Tony Kamillo

Fullstack Software Engineer See more

Dayd Gonçalves

Product Designer See more

Igor Kuivjogi Fernandes

Data Scientist See more

Junior Rodrigues

Web Developer | Wordpress See more

Flora M Akli

Hunting See more

Gustavo Carvalho

Junior Frontend Engineer See more

Gabriel Sabbag

HR Intern at XNV See more

Matheus Cardoso

Software Developer See more

Pedro Campos

Backend developer See more

Rafael Mesquita

Business Development Consultant See more

Luís Farias

Full Stack Software Engineer See more

Karla Assis

Graphic Designer See more

João Vitor Moraes

Frontend Software Engineer See more

Eduardo Re Gomes

Sales Development Representative See more

Jasmine Smith Foster

Office Manager See more

Marena Felipe

Executive Assistant See more

Bianca Antonini

Product Designer Junior See more

Vittoria Ardore

Jr. HR Analyst See more

Andressa Ribeiro

Product Design Intern See more

Chiara Rangel

Tech Recruiter Intern See more

Gabriel Kimura

HR Intern See more

Dr. Jim Kanichirayil

Researcher/GTM Advisor/Podcast Host See more


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